[By IITians]How to Prepare for JEE 2021 in Last Month | How to study in Last month of IIT JEE 2021 Preparation

How to STUDY for IIT JEE in Last Month of Preparation | TIPS AND TRICKS FOR LAST MONTH | Do’s and Don’ts for last month of JEE 2021 | how to Prepare for JEE 2021 in Last Month

[By IITians]How to Prepare for JEE 2021 in Last Month | How to study in Last month of IIT JEE 2021 Preparation
[By IITians]How to Prepare for JEE 2021 in Last Month | How to study in Last month of IIT JEE 2021 Preparation

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  • Create Short NOTES

Create short notes, quick revise sheets, formula sheets during this 1 Month and paste it on the walls. This will help in your last week to quickly revise things, And THIS IS A MUST THING.

Downlaod IIT JEE MIND MAPS – for Quick revision | print them OUT and Paste on your Study Room WALLS

  • Give Mock Tests Regularly

Every 2-3 days try to give a full mock test based on an advanced pattern, Give at least 2 mock tests in a week and try to analyze them at which topic and question you failed to solve. For example – You failed to solve a question from chapter you didn’t study so that’s OKAY but you have to figure out if you failed to solve a question from the chapter you studied well. And Try to solve the mock tests in the same time slot as in IIT JEE.

  • Create Same Environment as in JEE
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Also remember Not to use AC or Cooler in your rooms as they might not be available in examination centers. Try to have exact similar environment as main Exam.

  • Analyze Every Mock Test you GIVE

After every test, analyze the test paper thoroughly and analyze every unattempted and incorrect question. 

Download Mock Tests for JEE Advanced and JEE mains here – Sample/Mock Papers

  • Don’t try NEW Things in LAST MONTH (We are not ELON MUSK)

You cannot crack IIT JEE Advance by studying all the chapters to some extent, But can if whatever chapter you studied is on your finger tips. SO just stick to the revision of what you had studied and not studying new topics and chapters. NOW your AIM is to tackle all the questions coming from the chapters you studied.

  • In your spare time revise your coaching notes, your short notes, and those quick revision sheets on your wall 😉
  • Start attempting all the Important marked questions by you while your preparation time
  • Attempt previous year question papers as a test for yourself and analyse your score in that paper. know your mistakes and check the solution of each question. 
  • Always be motivated by solving good questions and also note the time taken to solve those questions.
  • Don’t Leave Things for FUTURE (There’s only NOW or Nothing)
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If you have even slightest of doubt regarding any question, go for a quick-look up at its theory (that shouldn’t take much time as you have studied that multiple times in your last year(s) this ensures the theoretical concept remains fresh). These quick lookups to the theory will create a photogenic memory in your mind and literally you’ll Thank us when you will get memory clicks during your EXAM :-p 

  • Stay Motivated

Overall you don’t have to fit a strict schedule. You know your approach for study and don’t change it drastically for the last month. Just keep one thing in mind, Don’t get your motivation go down during this month, there will be some time you’ll feel that you failing at solving questions and remembering things just tell your mind that these are normal things just have a quick look at the concept, quick revision sheet, that notes on your wall and move-on to your further preparation.

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You can Observe and SEE lives of IITians and IITs culture and Infrastructure to get motivated

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