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Download Disha Mind Maps quick revision for IIT JEE & Competitive Exams Pdf

MIND MAPS for IIT JEE pdf download
mind map download for iit jee pdf

mind maps for iit jee pdf | Quick Revision Mind Maps for CBSE Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English Core is a unique book designed for Quick Revision of the whole syllabus pertaining to the 4 subjects.

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Details of Disha Mind Maps pdf:

The Books provides total of 65 Chapter Wise MindMaps for Class 12 in the form of Flow Charts –

  • 15 Chapter-wise Mind Maps in Physics
  • 15 Chapter-wise Mind Maps in Chemistry
  • 13 Chapter-wise Mind Maps in Mathematics
  • 22 Chapter-wise Mind Maps for Literature part in English Core.
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These Mind Maps provide 100+ Chapter wise RTC (Reference To Context). Disha mind map is a wonderful source for Quick Revision & Faster Recall for IIT JEE Preparation


Mind mapping was a very previous idea older than Sir Arthur Conon’s shamus too.

It is extremely changed palace within your brain. Where you keep your all the mandatory stuffs in terribly organized approach. But its not physically hold on its abstract to you. It’s upto you what data you keep and therefore the way you mention them and recall from your mind’s location. Its almost like arrangement of departments in any establishment however this area contains your business.

Now if we tend to quote JEE its like creating 3 villages or town with totally different names Physics ,Chemistry and maths.

Now divide topics and build house and try to remain data within them.It’s not that easy however practice The artistic man is meant by the necessity to appreciate, not however can the need to beat others will cause you to higher.

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Just suppose totally different you’ll

IIT JEE and MIND MAPPING in Chemistry –

Strong Chemistry is that the key to nice marks in JEE. Inorganic queries need negligible time to resolve whereas winning an honest quantity of marks, that will be a confidence booster within the test. create short notes from NCERT whereas learning, and class notes area unit useful too. Some things aren’t explained clearly within the NCERT and want the help of various smart books. P-block is that the foremost vital chapter, with S,D,F blocks additionally creating it to the queries. Chemical Bonding is asked directly or in numerous queries. physics is truly necessary.

Physical Chemistry is usually regarding formulae and some information of theory. certify to understand; then bear in mind formulae and therefore the thanks to use them. Ionic & Chemical equilibriums (Buffer is kind of forever asked), States of Matter, dynamics unit of measurement necessary. bear in mind to create a gist of every formula used. although you don’t perceive a difficulty, you’ll forever use the formula and solve it.

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Organic Chemistry is mostly regarding understanding. Name reactions area unit usually asked. Aldehydes & Ketones unit the foremost necessary, then return Amines, Alcohols, Acids. the concept is quite basic, however do apply an excellent deal of queries as they’re going to typically be difficult. Condensation reactions, substitution reactions on phenols, acidity and basicity, nucleophilicity must be practiced.

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