[PDF] Download Universal self Scorer Errorless Chemistry for JEE MAIN pdf | Self scorer Chemistry errorless best pdf

Download Errorless Chemistry (JEE MAIN) | an unparalleled prep book for JEE MAIN/ADV | universal errorless chemistry pdf

This book is based on Syllabus and Exam pattern Defined by National testing Ageny.(NTA). The book comprises of comprehensive set of Question and Answers based on Current trends in JEE MAIN and Advanced | universal errorless chemistry pdf

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Download Links –

01-Chemical Arithmetic-Final.single link
02-Atomic Structure-Final.single link
03-Chemical Bonding-Final.single link
04-Solution-Final.single link
05-Solid State-Final.single link
06-Gaseous State-Final.single link
07-Nuclear Chemistry-Final.single link
08-Chemical Equilibrium-Final.single link
09-Ionic Equilibrium-Final.single link
10-Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry-Final.single link
11-Chemical Kinetics-Final.single link
12-electrochemistry-Final.single link
13-Redox reactions-Final.single link
14-Surface Chemistry-Final.single link
15-Chemical Periodicity-Final.single link
16-General Principle of Extraction of Metal-Final.single link
17-Hydrogen and it’s compound-Final.single link
18-S and P Block Elements-Final.single link
19-D and F Block Elements-Final.single link
20-Coordination chemistry-Final.single link
21-Chemical Analysis-Final.single link
22-Purification and organic compounds-Final.single link
23-General organic chemistry-Final.single link
24-Hydrocarbons-Final.single link
25-Halogen Containing Compounds-Final.single link
26-Alcohol, Phenol, and Ether-Final.single link
27-Aldehydes and Ketones-Final.single link
28-Carboxylic acids and Their derivatives-Final.single link
29-Nitrogen containing Compounds-Final.single link
30-Polymers-Final.single link
31-Biomolecules-Final.single link
32-Chemistry in Action-Final.single link
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Honest Review by Toppers – for universal self scorer book

I wouldn’t say that it is must solve book to get to medical school . | universal errorless chemistry pdf

But if you are in 11th grade and want to work hard, you can use this book to command your concept and practice since it contains numerous questions .

Edition which i had had a separate HOTS section (higher order thinking skill) which contained 40–50 questions which i can say were AIIMS UG enterance level.

So if you have time go for it otherwise your coaching material will suffice.

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